Our founders – America's Retirement Forum
Patrick Brewer, CFA, CPA

Patrick and Jeff Brewer are brothers and co-founders of SurePath Wealth based in Austin, TX.  Together, they hold three valued designations in the financial services industry: CFA, CPA, and CFP.  Prior to helping consumers directly with retirement planning, they consulted with hundreds of financial services firms around the country and noticed a big problem.  Most advisors in the industry are incentivized to sell people products that are misaligned with their personal financial situation and specific needs in retirement.

Patrick and Jeff saw a need for conflict-free financial advice, and thus created America’s Retirement Forum to help people get the information they need to retire well.

Jeff Brewer, CFP®

“Our courses help adults take charge of their wealth, legally lower taxes, and plan for a financially wise retirement.”

- Patrick Brewer

Our Core Beliefs

  • We are committed to teaching functional financial planning principles that are designed to lead to better retirement outcomes.
  • Our instructors are financial educators and advisors with years of technical training and hands-on experience.
  • Our materials represent our highest and best understanding of what works in retirement planning today.

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