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About the Course

Even though hard-working Americans have sacrificed and saved throughout their working lives, retirement is getting progressively harder every year. Markets are volatile. There’s much uncertainty about geopolitics, trade wars, and tariffs. The US Government has accumulated so much debt that it’s difficult to imagine the miracle it would take to keep programs like Social Security and Medicare on the rails… let alone at current benefit levels. 

Your parents may have been able to simply enjoy their retirement party — and go to collecting pension checks and Social Security. You don’t have that same luxury. So, you need to arm yourself with knowledge about investment accounts, taxes, Social Security, healthcare expenses, and more. 

In this course, we aim to answer a critical question for adults getting ready to retire: “How do I avoid running out of money in retirement?”  Bring a notepad and get ready to cover a lot of ground in this fast-moving, deep-dive course on the fundamentals of successful retirement.

“The question isn’t at what age I want to retire, it’s at what income.”

- George Foreman

Course Outline

Debunking Retirement Myths

Retirement today isn’t what it used to be. And yet, many financial advisors and pundits still fall back on old rules of thumb — which no longer work. Learn which old wisdom still holds true!

Economy, Fiscal Policy, and Your Retirement

What does the economy have to do with your retirement plan? If you want to plan ahead,  you need to understand how interest rates, US debt, and fiscal policy will affect your  account balances — and your taxes.

Maximizing Income in Retirement

Retirement means no more paychecks. And, because very few Americans are eligible for a pension, that means you are 100% responsible for your income stream. Learn how different account types can help you maximize the use of your nest egg — and potentially lower your taxes, too.

Managing Healthcare Expenses

The rate of healthcare inflation has outpaced overall inflation for years. Explore some of the strategies that can help you be financially prepared for unexpected expenses.

Managing Your Mind (and Your Money) Through Volatile Markets

The market roller-coaster is stressful enough when you know that you don’t need your retirement savings for another decade. But what happens if the recession hits just as you get your last paycheck? Learn strategies designed to help you manage your mind and avoid devastating financial mistakes that could compromise your retirement.

Planning for Your Legacy

Many individuals and families don’t just want their assets to last for their lifetime. They want to leave a legacy for their heirs. Unfortunately, many delay taking action on their estate plan until it’s too late. This section of the course will get you inspired to take care of your estate plan before you need it.

4 Critical Elements of a Solid Financial Plan

A peaceful retirement won’t take care of itself. In order to overcome the deck that’s been stacked against you, you need a plan.

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