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About the Course

Taxes can be one of your biggest expenses in retirement. In this course, we look at the state of the economy, and discuss several strategies that are designed to help retirees and pre-retirees lower their tax bills — legally and without compromising good citizenship.

The Road to a Tax-Savvy Retirement is a 2-night class designed to equip pre-retirees and those in retirement with the tax knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

You will learn:

  • The history of taxes and safety net programs in the US, with some surprising facts
  • A look at the fiscal health of the United States, and what it means for your retirement
  • A tax-savvy way to look at sources of income in your retirement
  • Strategies designed to legally minimize your taxes in retirement to potentially extend the life of your nest egg (and preserve it for future generations)

This course is held at high schools, colleges, libraries, and community centers all around the country. It is not affiliated with any of these locations.

Our program was developed for adults ages 50-70 with at least $250,000 of investable assets. There is no cost or obligation, but seating is limited so reserve your spot today.

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